Why Choose ENERGY STAR®-Rated HVAC Units?

When upgrading your HVAC system we highly recommend choosing an ENERGY STAR®-rated heating and air conditioning unit. Products that have passed ENERGY STAR certification have demonstrated exceptional energy performance. This means that you can expect the HVAC unit to use energy more smartly instead of being an outright drain on your consumption.

Why Choose ENERGY STAR Products

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ENERGY STAR is a program by the Environmental Protection Agency that helps individuals and businesses identify best ways to save energy by labeling high-performance heating and air conditioning units, among others. The ENERGY STAR label means that the product or appliance has passed strict requirements and testing and has demonstrated great energy performance and reliability.

Why Can You Trust ENERGY STAR?

Homeowners can trust the ENERGY STAR label because they implement rigorous third-party testing and requirements for heating and air conditioning systems. To earn the ENERGY STAR label, the system must pass testing in EPA-recognized laboratories. In addition, every year, a percentage of ENERGY STAR-rated products are subjected to off-the-shelf verification testing. This makes sure that there are no changes or variations in the manufacturing process.

What Are the Benefits of ENERGY STAR Products?

Choosing ENERGY STAR-rated heating and air conditioning systems can lead to reduced energy costs and it is good for the environment. To earn the label, an HVAC system must provide a significant reduction in energy costs. In addition, over the last two decades, the use of ENERGY STAR-rated equipment has helped keep nearly two billion metric tons of greenhouses gases out of the atmosphere. To get a full understanding of how much money you can save by upgrading to ENERGY STAR-rated equipment, we recommend calling us for a consultation.

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