Heating and Air Conditioning Considerations for Basement Finishing

Homeowners sometimes fall prey to the notion that basement spaces should look like dark, damp dungeons. But you don’t have to let all that space go to waste. By completing a basement finishing project, you can utilize your basement to its full potential. However, you’ll need to consider your heating and air conditioning needs before you start planning for the project.

Basement Finishing Considerations

Before you get started, you should answer the following questions:

Are the Heating and Air Conditioning Components Clear?

Typically, unfinished basements house HVAC components such as furnaces and air handlers. It’s essential to take them into consideration when working on a floor plan for your planned basement finishing. You’ll need to properly hide these components for aesthetic reasons while keeping them accessible enough should you need repairs and maintenance checkups.

More importantly, you should work with your contractor to ensure ample ventilation. This is because you’ll be creating a rather confined space for your gas furnace as well as other gas appliances. In fact, local building codes may dictate that air conditioning and heating components be accessible for future inspections.

Do Your Plans Comply With Heating and Air Conditioning Codes?

Local building codes can vary. That’s why it’s essential to determine what you can and can’t do right off the bat. In cases where no windows provide natural ventilation, local HVAC codes will often require you to install a mechanical ventilation system for your own health and safety. Unfinished basements are not typically conditioned, so there’s a good chance that they lack ductwork. You may need to provide a detailed plan that shows where essential equipment is located.

In addition, your local municipality may also require a permit if you plan to expand your current heating and air conditioning systems such as installing a new heat pump or furnace.

Do You Know the Size of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System?

With the aid of a qualified heating and air conditioning contractor, you will need to determine the exact size of the system you will need to cool or heat your home. This should include the additional space you will gain after the basement finishing project. Technicians will go about this task by performing a load calculation to figure out the BTUs required to heat and cool your home.

Additionally, you’ll need to determine if your current HVAC system will work properly after you’ve implemented your plans for basement finishing. Keep in mind that you’ll be adding a significant amount of floor space once you’ve completed the project. Should your current system prove insufficient, decide whether you need to upgrade it or simply add a secondary system to supplement your current one. Consult your technician to cover all your bases and determine the best course of action.

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