Should I Upgrade My HVAC System?

Most home HVAC systems are built to last for over 10 years or more, yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t replace your system prior to the ten-year mark. Many changes and innovations to HVAC systems have occurred over the past decade and because of this, it may be wise to consider upgrading your system sooner than you anticipated.

Ranging from better home energy efficiency to the exciting integration of smart devices, there are several reasons, listed below, why you may consider upgrading your current system to a new one. It is important to understand that even though your A/C and furnace may not need to be upgraded at the same time, it’s might be in your best interest to go ahead and replace both. With a completely new system, you can save on costs in the long run, and you can rest assured that all mechanisms will work together seamlessly.

Better Energy Efficiency

If you own an older HVAC system, the chances are high that it is no longer very energy efficient, which can end up costing a significant amount of money towards your home’s heating and cooling bills.  Generally, systems that are over 10 years old are most likely to waste energy more than a newer model. If you don’t have a system that meets Energy Star standards, then you may want to consider an upgrade. Not only will you be saving money on energy costs, you’ll be wasting less energy overall, which is also great for the environment!

Improved Indoor Air Quality

An HVAC system doesn’t just cool and heat your home, it is also responsible for managing the quality of your home’s indoor air by providing good ventilation and proper humidity levels throughout your house. It also helps to filter airborne pollutants, such a dust and allergens, out of your home’s indoor air. An older system may have trouble maintaining proper indoor air quality within the home. And many older systems aren’t compatible with other accessories such as air purifiers and more advanced ventilators that can help keep your home’s air extra clean.

More Security

An older HVAC system certainly consumes more energy than most newer models, but it is also at a greater risk for needing repairs or worse—a total breakdown. If a system has not been properly maintenanced or serviced over its lifespan (and we recommend at least once annually), then it is at even higher risk for problems. Having a professional trained technician monitor refrigerant lines, inspect ductwork, repair steam traps, cleaning coils, as well as other routine tasks ensure that your HVAC system has a healthy and efficient lifespan.

Choose Top Quality for Better Indoor Air Quality

At Solano, we offer the Suisun City and surrounding Solano County areas with the very best in heating and air conditioning service, repairs and installations, AND we are also the leading provider of indoor air quality services. If you’re in need of an HVAC upgrade, or would like some more information to determine whether your home has proper indoor air quality , give the experts at Solano a call. 707-416-0845.

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