5 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Spring Cleaning

It’s that time again. Sure it feels good to purge and to have a clean home but ultimately, spring cleaning is the worst and here’s why.

Why spring cleaning can be the worst

#1 It makes you question whether or not you are a hoarder

We all have that closet or drawer that we haven’t touched since the 90s and frankly, we’re not all that interested in finding out just how badly our procrastination has gotten. It can be tough to face, let alone deal with, certain messes in our homes. If you really want to adhere to your 2017 spring cleaning checklist, that means you’re going after every drawer and closet and giving a nice deep clean and reorganization.

It may make us all feel like hoarders, but in the end, it starts to even out.

#2 It’s always the big things that you’ve been putting off for a reason

Whether it’s your pesky catch all drawer, or cleaning out and reorganizing the entire basement, there are certain projects that we always put off. A deep spring cleaning, will require you to face a year’s worth of messes and clutter. You may have forgotten to clean the gutters before a big rain and now are dealing with gutters full of slimy leaves.

Your spring cleaning self is horrified, but your summer self will appreciate the work.

#3 It never ends

Your weekly cleaning schedule often neglects a lot of small things. While it may not have been a big deal that week, over the course of 52 weeks, a lot of bigger messes can be created.

Checking off all of the boxes on your spring cleaning to-do list is a seemingly impossible task, but putting it off until next year is not an option.

#4 It gets worse before it gets better

Cleaning out closets and reorganizing requires you to pull out all of the items in the closet, dresser, drawer or room that you are cleaning. This creates messes in other rooms of your house. If you’re unable to finish each task in a timely manner, you can be left with a messy house for a long time.

Be strategic with your spring cleaning to minimize your messes while you tackle your smaller and larger projects.

#5 You have to be inside when the weather just got nice

So much of spring cleaning takes place in the deepest, darkest caverns of your home. This, of course, is during the season when the weather starts to warm up and sun comes out more frequently. This creates a recipe for disaster that often ends in animosity towards the cleaning and potentially more procrastination.

Watch the weather and try to plan your indoor cleaning for rainy days. You may also want to either tackle all of your cleaning quickly and dedicatedly or slowly throughout the spring, as to maximize your time in the sunshine.

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Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Many homeowners find the idea of spring cleaning too daunting to even get started. But the truth is that spring cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple ways that you can work toward making your home a cleaner, healthier space for you and your family. Check out our easy guide to spring cleaning below to help you get started.

Easy Guide to Spring Cleaning

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