Keep Cool While Reaping The Rewards

Saving money is a huge issue with almost every household in America. Whether grocery shopping or accumulating energy bills, almost everyone is trying to cut back and save some money. Topics concerning the reduction of Home Energy Costs along with saving the environment are plastered everywhere. We have done a lot of damage to the earth and are using up natural resources faster than ever before so the concerns are important.

People are more environmentally and financially conscience now that they see the extreme need to preserve our resources and save money. The economic status of even the wealthiest of people has diminished over the past few years, just like our natural resources. By cutting back on energy consumption and making home improvements, millions of households are doing their part to benefit all of civilization. Though small contributions may seem unworthy of the effort, those who have already pitched in to do their part have discovered and are enjoying a wealth of benefits on the other side of their energy saving efforts.
After installing insulated windows, doors, ceiling fans as well as High Efficiency Air Conditioning units, homeowners are reaping the rewards through much lower energy bills. These same homeowners have also gotten sizable rebate checks for purchasing energy saving appliances and making home improvements. Not only do these households reap financial rewards, they also have comfortable homes year around and enjoy the feeling of knowing they are doing their part.

The little efforts people are making such as turning the thermostat up a few degrees and relying more on ceiling fans to cool occupied rooms is making a substantial difference. When comparing the costs of running only a central A/C unit or window air conditioner compared to the costs of running a ceiling fan for a month the results are shocking. These results are the reasons so many people are developing energy saving plans and saving each month on utility bills.

Accepting the A/C Money Saving challenge has proven to people just how much they can save on each bill. Turning up the thermostat temperature and turning on a ceiling fan has homes staying at the same level of cool comfort, except the ceiling fan is taking on the work load. Households that are relying more on fans to keep cool are enjoying comfortable homes as if they had not changed a thing.

The reason ceiling fans keep people cool is they blow on the skin and evaporate sweat. This alone can make a body feel up to eight degrees cooler and is accomplished by turning up the thermostat temperature around 12 degrees higher than its normal position. To enjoy super savings, take the energy saving challenge today and start relying upon ceiling fans more than your A/C. Your home and body will stay cool while you reap the rewards.